Child Support Order Modification Request

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  • Case Information
  • Information About You
  • Information About the Other Parent
  • Information About the Children
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Before you begin…

The Child Support Order Modification Request form allows you to request a review of your child support court order if you have an active/open child support case and also allows you to upload your supporting documents. If you do not already have an open case with the Office of the Attorney General, please start by applying for services here.

Here are some things you may need to gather before starting the form.

Case Information

  • OAG Case Number
  • County of Court Order
  • County Cause Number

Information About You and the Other Parent

  • Physical Address
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Employer Name
  • Wage/Salary Amount
  • Wage/Salary Frequency

Information about the Child(ren)

  • Number of children for the noncustodial parent
  • Insurance Carrier Name
  • Insurance Premium Amount

Upload Supporting Documentation

  • Pay stubs, W-2’s, and/or income tax returns.
  • School enrollment records that show your child(ren) now reside with you. (If this applies to you).
  • Proof of medical insurance for your child(ren).

If you wish to request a review for a modification, click “Begin” to continue.